Consolidations amid the Oil slump: Cimarex acquires Resolute

Cimarex Energy Co [NYSE: XEC] – Market Cap as of 01/12/2018 $7.84bn Resolute Energy [NYSE: REN] – Market Cap as of 01/12/2018 $823.7m Introduction On November 19th 2018, Cimarex Energy announced that the company was planning to increase its acreage by 34% with precious shale-rich Permian Basin land through the definitive agreement to acquire Resolute […]

Market Recap 07-05-2017

United States The S&P 500 closed the week at $2,399.29, a record high and up 0.63% when compared with the close of the previous week. During the week several important announcements have been released; first of all the Federal Reserve decided to leave interest rate unchanged at 0.75%-1.00% following the slowdown in growth experienced by […]

WTI Crude Oil: Backwardation? No, Back to Contango

On March 8, 2017 crude oil plummeted more than 5%, with WTI price falling through $50 a barrel for the first time since December. The sudden move was triggered by EIA reporting a massive build-up in American crude oil inventories, hitting record levels according to data going back to 1982. The remarkable growth in inventories […]

Special Report – Oil: an impossible trade

Oil has long been one of the main drivers of the worldwide economy and for this reason it is closely watched by all investors and traders. The central role of what, back in the days, was called the “Black gold” is given by its high cross asset correlation. It has the power of leading the […]

Straddling on the oil

Not long ago, two major oil-producing countries (Russia and Saudi Arabia) reached an agreement, according to which the stake of output of those countries was capped at January-2016 levels. The move was very unexpected, since no one had bet that the deal would be reached, thus oil prices went through serious fluctuations the same day; […]

Oil crash is not just about prices

On Friday 26th 5.00 PM London time, at the closing bell for European stocks, Brent was trading over $36 per barrel and WTI was over $33.50. Oil registered the biggest weekly gain since August amid signs of strengthening U.S. fuel demand and speculation that some producers will complete an agreement to freeze output. Nonetheless, Crude […]

The new (old) high correlation

Empirical evidence suggests that correlation between asset classes tends to spike during a period of market crisis, because investors panic and sell indiscriminately. This phenomenon is usually short-lived and correlation returns to a normal level as the market stabilizes. During the 2008 financial crisis, this effect was amplified by a liquidity shock. Highly leveraged banks […]

OIL: What’s next?

In 2014 oil prices crashed. In June 2014, the price of Western Texas Intermediate[1] oil was $115.12 while in December it was $53.77. There are several reasons for abrupt decline in price. The main cause was the rapid supply growth which overwhelmed moderate demand. The political turmoil in Iraq and Libya did not affect the […]

WTI, S&P 500 and EURUSD: a difficult relationship

After weeks of firm bull sentiment, major equity markets (especially European ones) have experienced a fast correction that, although small compared to the incredible year-to-date performance, has started to disturb the overall view of investors. Such a movement has coincided with a rebound on the EUR/USD, which postponed the breakout of the “parity” barrier, and […]

WTI and Brent: So Similar, So Different

As everyone knows, a commodity is a raw material – fungible by definition – that is supposed to trade in any market of the world for the same price. But when it comes to crude oil, things are not as simple. As it is widely known, the two main qualities of crude are represented by […]

The Opec meeting: days of market turm-Oil

Several investors have kept an eye open on oil this week putting all their hopes in the long-awaited OPEC meeting held on Thursday. Opening this week at $80.50 per barrel, the decisions of the OPEC meeting provoked an intraday drop of 6.65 percentage points in Brent crude prices on Thursday, with the oil price reaching […]

MARKET RECAP 22/11/2014

US This week we have seen almost only positive data about US economy, which explained dollar strength with respect to all major currencies (EUR, GBP and YEN). Gains were relatively small against Euro and Pound. The substantial advance with respect to the Yen was mainly due to Yen’s weakness during the week. Data about inflation […]


I. OPEC and price trends Oil prices have been declining since last summer on concerns about production outpacing demand: the Brent slid by almost 30% from $115 in mid-June to the recent low of $76. Will prices carry on falling? Or have we hit the bottom? Next Thursday’s OPEC meeting will address concerns over market instability […]

Oil and oil producers: Exxon Mobile

Oil has been completely crushed after peaking this summer: much has changed since our last article earlier this year ( Weakness in the price of crude was triggered by fear of a global slowdown: China growing at its lowest rate since 2009 (only 7.3%), together with cuts in economic forecast by IMF and Europe in […]

Oil: quo vadis?

Brent and WTI are the two most largely traded qualities of Oil. We will see that they are different not only in the quality and price, but also in the main drivers of their performance. Brent is a relatively light and sweet quality, originally extracted in the Northern Sea and later become the World Benchmark […]