Lyft-ing up or Falling Fast?: Lyft Becomes the First Rideshare Company to IPO

Lyft inc. [LYFT: NASDAQ] – Market Cap as of 5/4/2019 $21.28bn Introduction  On March 29, Lyft – a leading US ride-hailing company – went public on the Nasdaq. Its IPO price settled at the top end of the pricing range, with shares at $72 a piece valuing the company at nearly $24bn. The offering ranked […]

Is it time to short China?

Once again Soros has bet against China. This time it is with regards to its mounting debt, comparing it to a pre-crisis US in a recent interview with Bloomberg. He justified his opinion by looking at the booming credit market and growth of the inefficient state owned zombie firms. Measuring the level of debt to […]

China: a hot summer

In our May article (, we underlined how many difficulties China faced. We also analysed the development of a stock market bubble in the Shanghai Composite equity index (SHCOMP) and in the Shenzhen CSI 300 (SHSZ300) equity index. This summer saw that bubble bursting. The SHCOMP was trading at 3,185 as of September 22nd, a […]

Market Recap 25/04/2015

US US equities climbed to new heights as the week drew to a close with the Nasdaq Composite surpassing its previous peak of 5048.62 points from the year 2000 that marked the height of the dot-com era. The tech-heavy index advanced 3.2% over the last 5 days to close Friday’s trading session at 5092.08. Among […]

FTSE100 Time to sell

The FTSE100 index has recently touched its all time high. Is this peak justified? Most likely not, in our opinion. There are both long term and short-term reasons to expect the most important UK index to decline in the near future.   Long Term: global economic growth and interest rates Let’s first address the reasons […]


This week, we are proud to publish an in-deep analysis on the Italian Popolari banks situation, one of the most discussed topics since the announcement of the AQR done by the ECB. Thanks to the recent rumors of an Italian decree, which changes the voting powers’ structure of the above mentioned banks, stocks have sky […]

Gone Too Pro: GoPro Special Report

This week, we are proud to publish a full report on GoPro, one of the best performing tech stocks of the year. In order to analyse and evaluate properly the Company, we thoroughly studied its most recent financial results and its business. We shortlisted the Company’s competitors, considering both the other consumer electronics companies and […]

Beyond the AQR: Unicredit vs. Intesa San Paolo

Lately, there has been increasing speculation regarding the results of the AQR (Asset Quality Review), which will be published by the ECB in about a month time. The AQR is a central part of the “comprehensive assessment” investigation that the ECB is leading on European banks balance sheets. Working in conjunction with the national competent […]

What is happening to Pandora – and why it is not enough

It has been a tough month for the NASDAQ, with tech stocks dropping and in particular for Pandora Media (P:US). For the first time since our first article, when we suggested to short sell the stock, our position is now profitable (+9,52%). The downturn in techies is deepening and the spreading acknowledgement that the growth […]

The (un)stardardised banking sector

When we analysed luxury stocks, we stressed that the industry has faced a downturn, probably due to a kind of sector rotation. The same phenomenon has affected European banks and utilities in the opposite way. In this article, we focus on banks, proposing some ideas on how to trade them. In particular, we decided to […]

Pandora, quo usque tandem?

In our previous semester, we repeatedly stated our bearish position on Pandora Media (P). Our analysis focused mainly on three key points: – Growing competitors – Slowing users’ and revenues’ growth – Unprofitable Business model Since our first report  the stock is up 50,6% and 218.88% YoY: investors feel confident about Pandora’s business. Nevertheless, it […]

Time to open Pandora’s box?

Rumors about the plans to expand Itunes Radio to more English-speaking countries other than US by early 2014 led to a turbulent week for Pandora, the music streaming industry leader. With about 72 million active users, Pandora has been the first music streaming website to go public. This year Pandora has outperformed the market, with […]

Follow-up on last week Japan trade idea

Last week we suggested shorting three Japanese financials in light of the 10-years JGB price fall, going at the same time long Olympus Corp. and the Nikkei index, in case no more easing was announced on Tuesday night. Kuroda kept monetary policy on hold and so we entered the trade on Wednesday Tokyo early trading. […]

Conditioned order in Japan: short financials if no more stimulus is added by BOJ on Tuesday night

INTRODUCTION During last months in Japan, extreme monetary policies – also known as Abenomics – implemented by the duo Abe-Kuroda to fight deflation and give a kick to the stagnant economy, have caused a huge reaction all over the markets: the Yen has been slashed, Nikkei index has been skyrocketing in an impressive rally and […]

Trade Idea: Short EUR/USD

This week was dominated by the US and European central bankers speeches. They both confirmed their accommodative monetary policy. However the FED just confirmed its commitment to the bond buying program until the economy would have showed sign of improvement. The ECB, on the other side, decided to take really strong actions cutting rates and […]

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