Volatility-linked strategy: a new approach

Can volatility indices provide useful signals on the “underlying” market? We tried to figure it out analysing some relations between the VIX and other indices provided by the Chicago Board Options Exchange. The VIX index, which is derived from prices of a basket of out-of-the-money options on the S&P500, represents a measure of the S&P500 […]

Put/call ratio as a guide to market sentiment: the S&P 500 case

Market volatility has increased recently, and also the endless linear trend of the S&P 500 has been marginally affected. Quoting some numbers, the VIX index moved to over 26 in mid-October from a minimum of 10 reached this summer. Volatility is a sign of market nervousness; besides being common during downturns (e.g. the VIX index […]

Deutsche Bank: The only to act or the first?

On May 18, Deutsche Bank has announced a plan to raise € 8bn ($ 11bn) in new capital. The increase will consist of € 6.3bn in a rights issue and a further € 1.75bn from the Qatari royal family. The capital increase will be the second largest ever launched by the firm. A new Investor […]