Everything you need to know about oil – Part 1

With this series of articles, BSIC will present the supply and demand dynamics of the oil industry which are most relevant to create well-grounded predictions of the future. This week’s article will focus on the supply side trends including supply disruption resulted from geopolitical issues, pipeline construction projects around the world, and countries’ exploratory initiatives […]

The Red Metal Price: Why, How, and What Does It Entail?

Lately, prices of Copper have fallen below 50% of their peak price of 2011. Reasons are different, we will try to analyze the price-equilibrium motivations and then, look into some correlations of the red metal. As always, the variation in price is primarily driven by the relationship between supply and demand. It is paramount to […]

Shell acquires BG in a $70bn deal: is it paying a “Premium Gasoline”?

Royal Dutch Shell plc.; market cap (as of 17/04/15): $200.1bn BG Group plc.; market cap (as of 17/04/15): $61.1bn   Introduction On Wednesday 8, Royal Dutch Shell announced the acquisition of BG Group for $70.1bn for a mix of cash and stock, which would make Shell the largest producer of liquefied natural gas in the […]

The Opec meeting: days of market turm-Oil

Several investors have kept an eye open on oil this week putting all their hopes in the long-awaited OPEC meeting held on Thursday. Opening this week at $80.50 per barrel, the decisions of the OPEC meeting provoked an intraday drop of 6.65 percentage points in Brent crude prices on Thursday, with the oil price reaching […]

Oil Drop pushes Mergers Up: Halliburton to buy Baker Hughes

Halliburton Company; market cap (as of 21/11/2014): $43.1bn Baker Hughes Inc.; market cap (as of 21/11/2014): $27.5bn Introduction On November 17, Halliburton Company, the world’s second biggest oilfield service provider, announced a definitive agreement to acquire Baker Hughes Inc. in a stock and cash deal worth $34.6bn. The transaction is the biggest takeover of a […]