Fuelling the Electric Vehicle Revolution: Emerging Commodities

As the automotive industry evolves towards EV’s (electrical vehicles), an analysis of all the new commodities that will be used in the sector, in particular the battery sector, is required. EV batteries are made of an anode and a cathode. The anode is always made up of graphite, while the cathode has several different “formulas” […]

Market Recap 07-05-2017

United States The S&P 500 closed the week at $2,399.29, a record high and up 0.63% when compared with the close of the previous week. During the week several important announcements have been released; first of all the Federal Reserve decided to leave interest rate unchanged at 0.75%-1.00% following the slowdown in growth experienced by […]

China and commodities, is there any trade opportunity?

Commodities rout is one of the key themes that have characterised 2015. Further to oil and gold (which we covered last week http://www.bsic.it/future-gold-full-hedge-role-risk/), several basic resources, like industrial metals, have been suffering for months, but they may be affected by slightly different factors than the former. Through this article, we aim at understanding both fundamental […]