Crushing the competition: EQT shares surge 25% in one of the most successful private equity listings of the decade

EQT AB [STO:EQT] – Market Cap as of 04/10/2019 SEK 83.58bn (USD 8.49bn) Introduction On Tuesday, September 24th 2019, the Swedish group EQT— the second largest Private Equity group in Europe — listed on the Stockholm Nasdaq in what was the biggest Private Equity listing of the past decade and one of the most successful […]

A Primer on Risk-Parity

The concept of risk parity is not well-known among market participants. However, its resiliency to different market environment makes it a very interesting capital allocation strategy. It was first theorized in the sixties by Ray Dalio – founder of Bridgewater Associates – when he tried to find an answer to the following question: “What kind […]

Trumponomics: Profit with Inverse ETFs

This article will introduce an unconventional way to profit when interest rates rise using inverse ETFs. We will show the upsides and downsides of these tools, focusing on how they could be used in today’s American market. Inverse ETFs could be a useful tool to deal with the possible future bear shift in the bond […]

How to Manipulate the Bitcoin Market (3/3)

In the second part of the article, we saw how to spot anomalous price movements and how to profit from the divergence between futures and spot prices in the crypto market. Moreover, we showed the key indicator on which we should always be focused on. In this third part, which is the last one in […]

How to Manipulate the Bitcoin Market (2/3)

This article is the follow up to “How to Manipulate the Bitcoin Market (1/3)”. In the second part, we want to show how the spikes in price between the end of May and the first half of June 2016 were the result of just a few investors who used huge leverage to strengthen their position. […]

A highly levered money-mover First Data to go public – “Will the offer be sexy enough for investors?”

KKR & Co. LP; Market Cap (as of 03/10/2015): $7.85bn First Data Corporation; Market Cap (as of 03/10/2015): N.A.   Introduction On October 1st, 2015 the KKR-owned payment-processing company, First Data, announced the launch of its initial public offering, aiming to raise about $3.7bn. Apart from being the biggest US listing so far this year, […]

M&A drama: Endo takes on a spoiler role in the Valeant bid for Salix

Endo International Plc; Market Cap (as of 13/03/2015): $15.4bn Salix Pharmaceuticals Ltd; Market Cap (as of 13/03/2015): $10.8bn Valeant Pharmaceuticals Intl, Inc.; Market Cap (as of 13/03/2015): $63.9bn The pharmaceutical sector has turned into a war-zone again with of the bidding war between two aggressive dealmakers and two ex-colleagues: Mr. Rajiv De Silva of Endo […]

Altice: cable-telecom operator with the soul of a buyout fund

Altice SA; Market Cap (as of 06/03/2015): €24bn Altice’s use of high levels of debt to fund its consolidation of the cable and telecoms sector in Europe has raised many eyebrows among investors and analysts, but so far the risks seem to be paying off. Since it’s initial public offering at the start of 2014, […]

Outlook on Investment Banking

The investment banking industry is expected to announce lacklustre returns for 2013, despite an improving global economy, soaring asset prices and abundant liquidity. According to Deutsche Bank, the overall revenue pool is forecasted to be down by 6% (FICC down by 18%, Equity up by 28% mostly driven by equity derivatives, while IB up by […]