Everything you need to know about oil – Part 1

With this series of articles, BSIC will present the supply and demand dynamics of the oil industry which are most relevant to create well-grounded predictions of the future. This week’s article will focus on the supply side trends including supply disruption resulted from geopolitical issues, pipeline construction projects around the world, and countries’ exploratory initiatives […]

An Update for all the Black Gold Miners

Even those of us who don’t check commodity prices were probably keen to see the spike in oil prices at markets open on Monday, September 16th. While the drone attacks on the facilities of Saudi Aramco and their consequences are still present in the news, in this article we want to take a more detailed […]

Oil: quo vadis?

Brent and WTI are the two most largely traded qualities of Oil. We will see that they are different not only in the quality and price, but also in the main drivers of their performance. Brent is a relatively light and sweet quality, originally extracted in the Northern Sea and later become the World Benchmark […]