Fuelling the Electric Vehicle Revolution: Emerging Commodities

As the automotive industry evolves towards EV’s (electrical vehicles), an analysis of all the new commodities that will be used in the sector, in particular the battery sector, is required. EV batteries are made of an anode and a cathode. The anode is always made up of graphite, while the cathode has several different “formulas” […]

SoftBank’s commitment in WeWork grows to 9% of Vision Fund’s AUM, its long-term tech focused investment arm

SoftBank Group CO [9984:TSE] – Market Cap as of 26/11/2018 JPY 9.614T Introduction SoftBank group (SBG) is a true believer in WeWork’s idea, with a total combination of debt and equity funding in the loss-making U.S. shared office space provider of $8.4 bn. This month, WeWork received an additional $3bn injection from SoftBank Corp, in […]

Rise of the Chinese Zombie Firms

As the Financial Times has very precisely coined it, “The end of the Chinese miracle” is referred to the end of an era where Chinese villagers, precisely 277 mn of them, migrated from rural areas to the cities in order to work for factories. This was an unprecedented flow of mammals from one area to […]

Special Report: European Investment Banks – Not All Gloom and Doom

The European banking sector has been facing significant changes in the post crisis era. Regulatory headwinds, a myriad of litigation charges and the lack of a credible strategy at many institutions have seen the sector fall out of favor with equity investors. Though, admittedly, these challenges might not have been completely overcome yet, there are […]

Iberdrola responds to Spanish austerity measures: UIL acquired in a $3bn deal

UIL Holdings Corp.; market cap (as of 27/02/15): US$2.86bn Iberdrola SA; market cap (as of 27/02/15): US$43.5bn   Introduction  On February 26, Iberdrola SA, Spain’s largest electricity company, agreed to buy UIL Holdings Corp. in a deal valued at about US$3bn in cash and shares. With the acquisition, Iberdrola plans on merging its American subsidiary […]

Pfizer sets sail for a new (nearer) shore: Hospira

Pfizer Inc.; market cap (as of 20/02/2015): US$217.75bn Hospira Inc.; market cap (as of 20/02/2015): US$14.97bn Introduction On February 5th, 2014, pharmaceutical behemoth Pfizer signed with Hospira, the world’s leading provider of injectable drugs and biosimilars, a definitive merger agreement which consists of the fully acquisition of Hospira for US$90 per share, thus valuing the […]

M&A Viagra: Pfizer-AstraZeneca and the healthcare industry

Pfizer Inc, Market Cap (as of 23/05/2014): $188.37bn AstraZeneca PLC, Market Cap (as of 23/05/2014): $91.78bn In its bid for AstraZeneca, Pfizer, the famous Viagra producer, failed to make a satisfactory offer and turned the potential biggest foreign takeover in UK corporate history into failure. It all happened on May 19 when AstraZeneca PLC Board […]

Deutsche Bank: The only to act or the first?

On May 18, Deutsche Bank has announced a plan to raise € 8bn ($ 11bn) in new capital. The increase will consist of € 6.3bn in a rights issue and a further € 1.75bn from the Qatari royal family. The capital increase will be the second largest ever launched by the firm. A new Investor […]

Deutsche Bank sells Cosmopolitan casino to Blackstone for $1.7 bn

Deutsche Bank AG Market Cap (as of 16/05/2014): $42.9bn Blackstone Group LP Market Cap (as of 16/05/2014): $32.8bn On 15th May 2014, Deutsche Bank (DB) announced that it would be selling its 100% stake in Nevada Property 1 LLC, the owner of The Cosmopolitan, a popular Las Vegas resort and casino. The sale will be […]

Facebook buys cheap in the next big thing. Google’s warned.

Facebook Inc. Market Cap (28/03/2014): $153.01bn One month ago one social-media user reported on Reddit that he had just seen Mark Zuckerberg on the elevators of a building at 19800 MacArthur Blvd, Irvin (CA), getting off at Oculus VR’s floor. Was the 30 years old billionaire just dropping by, or was he planning Facebook’s second […]

The Oracle of Omaha’s tax-free acquisition of Miami TV Station WPLG

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. A Class Shares Market Cap (as of 14/03/14) $305.93bn B Class Shares Market Cap (as of 14/03/14) $269.60bn Graham Holdings Co. Market Cap (as of 14/03/14) $5.28bn Berkshire Hathaway has agreed to acquire Miami TV Station WPLG and $400m of its own shares from Graham Holdings Co. in exchange for 1.6m Graham […]

Tyco sells its Korean unit to Carlyle for $1.93bn: the largest private equity buyout in Korea since 2008

Tyco International: Mkt Cap $20.23bn (as of 07/03/2014) The Carlyle Group: Mkt Cap $1.72bn (as of 07/03/2014) On 3rd March, Tyco, the world’s largest fire alarm and security system company, announced that it will be selling its Korean unit ADT Korea to the private equity Carlyle Group. Carlyle is paying $1.93bn in cash, making it […]

How to trade Moncler?

After analyzing Moncler’s fundamentals last week (http://bsic.it/2013/11/30/piazza-affari-revival-moncler-ipo/), in this article we want to provide a more practical description of how it would be possible to profit from the hottest IPO of the year on Borsa Italiana. We have investigated three different ways of benefitting from Moncler’s IPO: • Underwrite the IPO or buy Moncler stocks […]