The Spillovers of eCommerce: a little bit of clarity

Introduction  The term eCommerce has been around for years, now. Definitions of it have been imprecise and, most of the time, people tend to associate it to companies like Amazon and Alibaba and not without a reason since their business is commerce through the internet. Virtual Commerce, however, is more complex than a simple association […]

Lyft-ing up or Falling Fast?: Lyft Becomes the First Rideshare Company to IPO

Lyft inc. [LYFT: NASDAQ] – Market Cap as of 5/4/2019 $21.28bn Introduction  On March 29, Lyft – a leading US ride-hailing company – went public on the Nasdaq. Its IPO price settled at the top end of the pricing range, with shares at $72 a piece valuing the company at nearly $24bn. The offering ranked […]

Tumi gets zipped up in Samsonite’s tummy for $1.8bn

Samsonite Market Cap: $24.43bn (as of 12/03/2016) Tumi Market Cap: $1.83bn (as of 12/03/2016) Introduction Last week, the world’s biggest luggage company, Samsonite, zipped up a deal to acquire luxury rival Tumi for around $1.8bn.  This acquisition will be the largest one for Samsonite since its IPO in 2011. After getting the shareholder approval, the […]

BSIC meets Sequoia Capital: Exclusive talk with Sir Michael Moritz

This week we had the extraordinary opportunity to meet and talk with Sir Michael Moritz, Chairman of Sequoia Capital, who was at Bocconi to talk at the Lectio Inauguralis Rodolfo De Benedetti Chair in Entrepreneurship. Sir Moritz gave us a speech for about an hour, here we summarize the contents of our meeting. BSIC: For […]