Everything you need to know about oil – Part 2

Introduction This is the second and last part on BSIC’s report about the oil industry. In this article, we set out to discuss the most relevant determinants of oil demand in the short to medium term. We analyze the effects that a predicted economic slowdown would have on the consumption of petroleum. Moreover, we discuss […]

The Transformation of Indian Automotive Sector

Industry overview One of the core Indian industries is the automotive industry. In 2016, India was the World’s 6th vehicle manufacturer with a total production of 24 million units and the 5th biggest passenger vehicle market. In the same year, this sector accounted for 7.1% of the country GDP, 27% of industrial GDP, 54% of […]

Market Recap 09-04-2017

United States US stocks took a break after last week gains. The S&P 500 fell 0.3% closing the week at 2355.54, while large-caps were flat with the Dow Jones at last week’s levels. One of the major drivers of financial markets was the FED releasing the minutes of its mid-March meeting. The minutes highlighted the […]

A New Behemoth in the Indian Telecom Industry: Vodafone India to Merge with Idea Cellular

Vodafone Group Plc (VOD:NASDAQ) – market cap as of 31/03/2017: £55.39bn ($69.48bn) Idea Cellular Ltd (IDEA:NSE) – market cap as of 31/03/2017: INR 309.51bn ($4.78bn) Introduction Vodafone Group PLC, a global provider of telecommunication services, and Idea Cellular Ltd, an Indian telecommunication company, announced their intention to join forces to further pursue growth in the […]

A bigger future for Nokia

The TMT market underwent profound changes during the last years, consolidating the best practice businesses and asking for a reshape of the others. That is the case of Nokia (NOK). In fact, it gave up to Microsoft the Devices & Services division in 2013 and, at the beginning of August 2015, revealed the sale of […]

Oil: quo vadis?

Brent and WTI are the two most largely traded qualities of Oil. We will see that they are different not only in the quality and price, but also in the main drivers of their performance. Brent is a relatively light and sweet quality, originally extracted in the Northern Sea and later become the World Benchmark […]

Prepare for Tapering

There seems to be a consensus in the market that the Fed will gradually start tapering in the next few months (our guesses at BSIC is in December). Therefore it is time to understand what could happen to markets and get prepared. What could happen on the equity market in the US on the short […]

USD-INR Carry Trade

The main idea of the trade is to buy IND and sell USD, implementing what in jargon is called a carry trade. In the chart above we can see the 3-month trend of this risky pair, which has actually been under the spotlight in the past couple of months since Raghuram Rajan was appointed Governor […]