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Market Recap 07-05-2017

United States The S&P 500 closed the week at $2,399.29, a record high and up 0.63% when compared with the close of the previous week. During the week several important announcements have been released; first of all the Federal Reserve decided to leave interest rate unchanged at 0.75%-1.00% following the slowdown in growth experienced by […]

Market Recap 30-04-2017

United States After the French election relief and solid first quarter earnings reports the US equities finished the week higher. Slightly more than half of the S&P 500 has reported, showing positive signs of improving economic growth, with best performers tech and industrial companies. The S&P 500 after the rally at the beginning of the […]

Market Recap 25/04/2015

US US equities climbed to new heights as the week drew to a close with the Nasdaq Composite surpassing its previous peak of 5048.62 points from the year 2000 that marked the height of the dot-com era. The tech-heavy index advanced 3.2% over the last 5 days to close Friday‚Äôs trading session at 5092.08. Among […]

MARKET RECAP 15/03/2015

U.S. U.S. equities experienced a negative performance during the past week. Stocks suffered sharp losses also on Friday and the main indexes registered a decline for a third week in a row, finishing what has turned out to be a turbulent five-day trading stretch. The Dow Jones industrial average fell 136 points (-0.76%) to 17,749.13, […]


[edmc id=1589] [/edmc] US Another volatile week for the markets and for the U.S. ended on Friday amid concerns over Russia. As was expected, Crimea voted for annexation to Russia on Sunday 16th and this led to further sanctions to a group of Russian wealthy individuals that rattled Russia’s economy on Friday. Equity benchmarks in […]

BSIC Market Recap 15|03|14

[edmc id=1554][/edmc] U.S. At the end of a week dominated primarily by uncertainty, markets mostly closed in negative territory. Signs of the week that’s past can be clearly seen in the VIX index which has been on a constant hike path since the beginning of 2014. The VIX is seen as the “Fear Gauge”, meaning […]

BSIC Market Recap 09|03|14

[edmc id=1492][/edmc] US Positive data for the US economy has come out this week. Manufacturing PMI of February (53.2) showed a significant improvement with respect to January (51.3) and beat expectations of 52.0. The most interesting indicators, however, concern labour force. On February 175k new jobs were created in the US, with expectations around 150k. […]