Lyft-ing up or Falling Fast?: Lyft Becomes the First Rideshare Company to IPO

Lyft inc. [LYFT: NASDAQ] – Market Cap as of 5/4/2019 $21.28bn Introduction  On March 29, Lyft – a leading US ride-hailing company – went public on the Nasdaq. Its IPO price settled at the top end of the pricing range, with shares at $72 a piece valuing the company at nearly $24bn. The offering ranked […]

The Rise Of User-Based Valuation In Tech

Introduction When we look at the biggest companies by market cap, many of them are Tech firms, capable of leveraging innovative technologies to create new types of businesses. Most times they offer business models that are so different from the companies we are used to, that we struggle in finding the best way to give […]

Market Recap 1-05-2016

[edmc id= 3872]Download here the Market brief[/edmc] USA Earnings season is over and in the tech sector we observed important market reactions: the most notable one was AAPL 10% depreciation caused by its disappointing results. The hedge fund manager Karl Icahn expressed a bearish view on US stocks for the medium run and closed its […]

Call of… Candy: Activision Blizzard takes over a “poor King” and bets on mobile gaming

Activision Blizzard; Market Cap: $25.52bn (as of 06/11/2015) King Digital Entertainment; Market Cap: $5.55bn (as of 06/11/2015)   Introduction On November 2, Activision Blizzard agreed to acquire for $5.9b King Digital Entertainment, one of the major players of the mobile gaming industry with its popular Candy Crush Saga. The move would position Activision Blizzard as […]

Rollercoaster Ride After the IPO – A Year in Review for Alibaba‘s Stock

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (BABA); Market cap (as of 09/10/2015):$170.1bn After a year of the biggest IPO in history, Chinese giant Alibaba is yet again in the spotlight, this time for its poor stock performance. After the initial IPO price of $68, it soon jumped to its highest, $119.15. However, later on, Alibaba’s share price […]

Samsung enters the race for mobile payments with LoopPay

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.; market cap (as of 20/02/2015): $184.12bn Sector leadership and the acquisition The push to eradicate bulky wallets stuffed with cards seems to be picking up some steam. Samsung’s recent acquisition of mobile wallet startup LoopPay is seen as a strong sign of intensifying competition in the mobile payments sector. The transaction, […]

Gone Too Pro: GoPro Special Report

This week, we are proud to publish a full report on GoPro, one of the best performing tech stocks of the year. In order to analyse and evaluate properly the Company, we thoroughly studied its most recent financial results and its business. We shortlisted the Company’s competitors, considering both the other consumer electronics companies and […]

The Importance of Being Mobile – and what internet domains tell us about it

Internet domains are an important alternative asset class in the web industry: lots of companies and investors use them for speculative reasons (a good domain name could be sold for million) or in order to avoid domain “hijacking” from competitors (although the trademark legislation covers also domain names). The valuation of domains requires some introductive […]

Facebook buys cheap in the next big thing. Google’s warned.

Facebook Inc. Market Cap (28/03/2014): $153.01bn One month ago one social-media user reported on Reddit that he had just seen Mark Zuckerberg on the elevators of a building at 19800 MacArthur Blvd, Irvin (CA), getting off at Oculus VR’s floor. Was the 30 years old billionaire just dropping by, or was he planning Facebook’s second […]

Candy Crushed: King Digital Entertainment pursues public listing

King Digital Entertainment plc. Market Cap (as of 28/03/14): $5.82bn On March 26th, 2014 the London-based King Digital Entertainment, a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world known mostly for its popular smart-phone game Candy Crush Saga, listed 22.2 million of ordinary shares on NYSE under the symbol “KING”. The stock commenced trading at […]

Facebook – WhatsApp: the price is…

Facebook Market Cap (as of 21/02/2014): USD174.89bn Facebook, Inc. the listed US based company headquartered in Menlo Park, California, has signed a definitive agreement on Wednesday, the 19th of February to acquire the venture-backed WhatsApp Inc for USD16bn plus USD3bn in restricted stock units (RSU from now on). The deal is the largest acquisition of […]

BSIC Special Report: Twitter IPO

Months of rumours have finally come to an end: Twitter is joining the ranks of listed internet companies with an IPO in Q4 2013. The market is hyped up and ready to go, but is this offering destined for ridicule as Facebook’s was? Correctly valuing Twitter is of paramount importance if we want to shed […]

Yahoo! Acquires Tumblr for $1.1 Billion

Yahoo! (Market Capitalization as of 25/05/13: $28.5bn) Tumblr (Market Capitalization: N/A)   On May 20th, Yahoo! continued its aggressive strategy since Marissa Mayer took over as CEO by announcing the takeover of New York-based blogging platform Tumblr for $1.1bn, all in cash. Tumblr was founded in 2007 and has more than 108mln blogs and nearly […]

Trade idea: bullish setup has formed on Facebook

Technical analysis: Facebook has been out of favour for a while, following a disappointing IPO that pushed into negative territory the P&L of the new shareholders. However, during the downturn a bullish pattern has formed. The stock trajectory has created a cup-and-handle that historically predicts a surge in price. The main reason behind the pattern […]