Everything you need to know about oil – Part 2

Introduction This is the second and last part on BSIC’s report about the oil industry. In this article, we set out to discuss the most relevant determinants of oil demand in the short to medium term. We analyze the effects that a predicted economic slowdown would have on the consumption of petroleum. Moreover, we discuss […]

Ferrari: too fast outside the circuit?

[edmc id= 3236]Download here the Ferrari Pitch[/edmc] After having covered the IPO of Ferrari (http://www.bsic.it/wanna-flawless-ferrari-52-now-feasible/) in detail a couple of weeks ago, we are now trying to identify RACE’s market positioning in terms of multiples. The structure of the analysis is as follows: firstly, we plot Ferrari’s positioning against major automakers and luxury brands in terms […]

FCA: the price of ambition

On May 6th, Sergio Marchionne has announced an ambitious, probably unnecessarily bullish, five-year plan at the Chrysler division’s headquarters in Auburn Hills, near Detroit. Through this article, we are going to evaluate it and its impact on the stock price, from both the fundamental approach and the technical analysis methodology. The industrial plan in detail […]

Tyres will drift again

Pirelli has been under the spotlight since the beginning of the past week. The company, which is among the main players in the global tyre industry and leader in the high-end segment of the sector, has been characterised by a reorganisation of the shareholders structure. Rosneft, the biggest oil producer of Russia, has become the […]