“Xs” and “Os”: SAP acquires Qualtrics for $8bn

SAP SE (FWB: SAP) – market cap as of 23/11/2018: €109.7bn ($124.5bn) Introduction On November 10th, 2018, enterprise software giant SAP announced that it would acquire Qualtrics, one of cloud computing’s rising ‘unicorns’, for $8bn in cash. The announcement was made shortly before the much anticipated Qualtrics IPO, which had been under preparation for months. […]

Big Blue fires back in $34bn deal for Red Hat

IBM – Share price as of 09/11/2018 – $123.54 Red Hat – Share price as of 09/11/2018 – $173,75 Introduction From the 1900’s to the 1970’s, technology companies went from producing bulky recording machines to even bulkier versions of the first computers. Since then, they ditched the design, which resembled a microwave more so than […]

The tech offering spree goes on: Dropbox goes public with a sensational IPO

Dropbox Inc. (NASDAQ:DBX) – market cap as of 13/04/2018: €11.8bn Introduction Founded in 2007, Dropbox is the leading pure-play cloud storage and collaboration platform. Its mission is to “unleash the world’s creative energy by designing a more enlightened way of working”. Dropbox is focused on reducing the amount of time people spend on tedious tasks […]

The Raise of the Oracle – Oracle to Buy NetSuite for $9.3bn

Oracle Corporation (ORCL) – market cap as of 18/11/2016: $165.25bn NetSuite Inc. (N) – market cap as of 18/11/2016: $7.36bn Introduction On July 28, 2016, Oracle Corporation announced that it entered into an agreement to purchase NetSuite, in a transaction valued at approximately $9.3bn. The deal values NetSuite at $109 per share, which represents a […]

Equinix bid for Telecity: a move in a global data center chess game

Telecity; Market Cap (as of 8/5/2015): £2.22bn Interxion; Market Cap (as of8/5/2015): $2.05bn Equinix; Market Cap (as of 8/5/2015): $15.17bn Digital Reality; Market Cap (as of 8/5/2015): $8.3bn   Introduction On May 8, Telecity, a British data center operator, received a cash and stock offer of £2.3bn from its US competitor Equinix. This puts pressure […]

Is IBM currently overvalued?

In the last quarter report, IBM announced revenues for $23.7bn (consensus $24.75bn) EPS at $3.99 (consensus $3.96), a light and shade result that followed a similar quarter (Q2), with a beat on earnings per share ($3,91) and a miss on revenues ($24,9bn) and the weakest quarter of the last years (Q1). The stock in the […]