The Spillovers of eCommerce: a little bit of clarity

Introduction  The term eCommerce has been around for years, now. Definitions of it have been imprecise and, most of the time, people tend to associate it to companies like Amazon and Alibaba and not without a reason since their business is commerce through the internet. Virtual Commerce, however, is more complex than a simple association […]

The Battle of Dragons – Recent Acquisitions and Investments in China amid the Rivalry between Alibaba and Tencent

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (NYSE:BABA) – market cap as of 20/04/2018: $462.0bn Tencent Holdings Ltd. (HKG:0700) – market cap as of 20/04/2018: HK$3,780bn Introduction The first two weeks of April 2018 have seen a string of aggressive acquisitions and the announcement of financing rounds by companies backed by the Chinese technology giants Alibaba and Tencent. […]

Lexmark’s pursuit for “hard” opportunities – A deal with the Chinese

Lexmark International Inc.; market cap as of 23/04/2016:$2.3bn Apex Technology Co., Ltd.; market cap as of 18/02/2016: ¥25.20bn ($3.87bn) Introduction On April 19, US printer maker Lexmark agreed to a $3.6bn takeover by a Chinese investment consortium led by ink cartridges manufacturer Apex Technology Co., Ltd. and Asian private equity firm PAG Asia Capital. The […]

Is 2015 the new 1997/1998?

Macroeconomic scenario in 1997 In 1997, speculative attacks against the Thai baht forced the country to float and devalue its currency in a move that was followed by the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Then, Hong Kong stock market experienced a massive decline, which consequently led to losses in markets around the globe. The crisis […]

Apple: Bigger Screen, Longer lines, Higher stock price?

IPhone 6 officially hit Apple Stores this weekend in 9 key markets; it was very welcomed with 4 million preorders (double those of iPhone 5) and tremendously long lines of fans: outside Apple flagship store of 5th Avenue people flocked in a line 12 blocks long. The new model of the iPhone does not come […]

Apple(s) & Oranges

Since the last time we covered Apple in late November, the situation has changed dramatically, with new factors affecting our recommendation on the stock. Among others, we think that the recent appointment of a new CFO may be significantly relevant. Indeed, according to some analysts cited by the Wall Street Journal, Luca Maestri (the newly […]

Tyco sells its Korean unit to Carlyle for $1.93bn: the largest private equity buyout in Korea since 2008

Tyco International: Mkt Cap $20.23bn (as of 07/03/2014) The Carlyle Group: Mkt Cap $1.72bn (as of 07/03/2014) On 3rd March, Tyco, the world’s largest fire alarm and security system company, announced that it will be selling its Korean unit ADT Korea to the private equity Carlyle Group. Carlyle is paying $1.93bn in cash, making it […]

Bad loan bank Cinda set for Hong Kong IPO

Cinda Market Cap (as of 22/11/13): N/A News surfaced on Thursday, November 21st that Chinese bad bank Cinda is finalizing the details of its long awaited Hong Kong IPO, which is expected to bring in up to HK$19bn (US$2.45bn) in fresh equity financing. The company will offer around 5bn shares at a price range of […]

Alibaba’s investors and the market

Alibaba, the Chinese business to business e-commerce giant, is expected to file for an IPO in the next quarter; this highly expected IPO, that is valued at around US$190-200bn has already a huge impact in public markets, precisely in two tech corporations: Softbank and Yahoo!. Even if the financial situation of these companies is really […]

BSIC Special Report: Twitter IPO

Months of rumours have finally come to an end: Twitter is joining the ranks of listed internet companies with an IPO in Q4 2013. The market is hyped up and ready to go, but is this offering destined for ridicule as Facebook’s was? Correctly valuing Twitter is of paramount importance if we want to shed […]

Update on our position on the EUR/USD: long USD/KRW

After three days we decided to close our position on the EURUSD as our trade did not play out. In the end we were almost flat so we did not lose money. However we keep our bullish view on the USD and we decided to change the pair and to go long the USDKRW (USD […]