Dollar repatriation? Different story told by cross currency swap

Intro Cross-currency basis swaps, also known as basis swaps, are contracts in which two counterparties agree to exchange interest payments according to two floating rates as well as notional principals denoted in two different currencies. Theoretically, covered interest rate parity should hold in absence of arbitrage opportunities. Here S and F denote the spot and […]

What’s wrong McFly? Chicken? Back to the Bitcoin Futures

Introduction The purpose of this article is to analyse different futures markets on cryptocurrencies and try to find justifications for excessive premia and discrepancies in prices. Firstly, we are going to present a general overview on cryptocurrencies and futures, then a short analysis of premia and finally we’ll look at the discrepancies amongst different exchanges […]

How to Manipulate the Bitcoin Market (3/3)

In the second part of the article, we saw how to spot anomalous price movements and how to profit from the divergence between futures and spot prices in the crypto market. Moreover, we showed the key indicator on which we should always be focused on. In this third part, which is the last one in […]

Blackberry buyout (risk arbitrage)

After the huge operating loss and the consequent job-cutting of the second quarter, Blackberry received an offer to go private by Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited for $9 per share. Fairfax holds the 9.9% of Blackberry and is doing the due diligence; on November 4th the company will give more details. There are a lot of […]