S&P500 Becoming a Marionette for MAGA?

Introduction Trading ideas and strategies are heavily affected by the decision makers’ overall view on the market. One of the main indicators of the US market strength is the S&P500 index, which is praised for its broad scope compared to other indices such as The Dow Jones Industrial Average. Many investors use this index as […]

At Long Last: Toshiba to Sell its Memory Chip Unit to a Bain-led Consortium in a $17.7bn Deal

Toshiba Corporation (TYO: 6502) – market cap as of 30/09/2017: ¥1.33 trillion Introduction On September 28, 2017, Toshiba announced an agreement with Bain Capital to sell its memory chip business for $17.7bn. It was also announced that Bain Capital will create a special purpose entity to buy Toshiba’s division, which will be called Pangea. This […]

The Automotive Industry Revolution

Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) – Market cap as of 6/10/16: $542.35bn Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (FCA) – Market cap as of 6/10/16: €7.55bn Apple Inc. (AAPL) – Market cap as of 6/10/16: $613.96bn Introduction The automotive industry is one of the businesses which is going to be affected the most by the technological innovations of recent […]

Bitcoin or Bust, Goldman Sachs backs payment startup: Circle

Bitcoin Imagine you could send your money from one part of the world to another in a matter of minutes and without paying outrageous fees to the banks. Bitcoin is an innovative way to do this. It was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and published as open-source software. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer system that […]

Nasdaq, bubble and beyond

On Thursday 23rd of April 2015, the NASDAQ Composite surpassed the March 2000 dotcom bubble level of 5048.62, closing at 5056.06. On Friday it has then gained furthermore closing at 5092. Looking at the NASDAQ Composite (the market capitalization weighted index includes almost all the companies listed in the NASDAQ exchange) trend of the last […]

Market Recap 25/04/2015

US US equities climbed to new heights as the week drew to a close with the Nasdaq Composite surpassing its previous peak of 5048.62 points from the year 2000 that marked the height of the dot-com era. The tech-heavy index advanced 3.2% over the last 5 days to close Friday’s trading session at 5092.08. Among […]


Apple Inc.; Market Cap. (as of 13/03/2015): $719.88bn A Record Company Apple is a company of excesses. With fiscal reports exceeding even bullish estimates more often than not, the Cupertino-based company has become synonymous with exuberance. In its most recent quarterly earnings, Apple reported $18bn of net profit, setting a historical record. Sales of the […]

Samsung enters the race for mobile payments with LoopPay

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.; market cap (as of 20/02/2015): $184.12bn Sector leadership and the acquisition The push to eradicate bulky wallets stuffed with cards seems to be picking up some steam. Samsung’s recent acquisition of mobile wallet startup LoopPay is seen as a strong sign of intensifying competition in the mobile payments sector. The transaction, […]

Done with Motorola! Did Google sell cheap to Lenovo?

Lenovo Group Ltd; market cap (as of 07/11/2014): HKD106.78bn Google Inc.; market cap (as of 07/11/2014): $365.90bn On October 30, 2014 Lenovo (HKSE: 992) and Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) announced the completion of Lenovo’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility from Google for $2.9bn. The total purchase price includes $660m in cash, $750m in Lenovo ordinary shares and […]

Apple: Bigger Screen, Longer lines, Higher stock price?

IPhone 6 officially hit Apple Stores this weekend in 9 key markets; it was very welcomed with 4 million preorders (double those of iPhone 5) and tremendously long lines of fans: outside Apple flagship store of 5th Avenue people flocked in a line 12 blocks long. The new model of the iPhone does not come […]

What is happening to Pandora – and why it is not enough

It has been a tough month for the NASDAQ, with tech stocks dropping and in particular for Pandora Media (P:US). For the first time since our first article, when we suggested to short sell the stock, our position is now profitable (+9,52%). The downturn in techies is deepening and the spreading acknowledgement that the growth […]

Apple(s) & Oranges

Since the last time we covered Apple in late November, the situation has changed dramatically, with new factors affecting our recommendation on the stock. Among others, we think that the recent appointment of a new CFO may be significantly relevant. Indeed, according to some analysts cited by the Wall Street Journal, Luca Maestri (the newly […]

Pandora, quo usque tandem?

In our previous semester, we repeatedly stated our bearish position on Pandora Media (P). Our analysis focused mainly on three key points: – Growing competitors – Slowing users’ and revenues’ growth – Unprofitable Business model Since our first report  the stock is up 50,6% and 218.88% YoY: investors feel confident about Pandora’s business. Nevertheless, it […]

Is Apple Back?

After a difficult year, Apple – almost flat YTD compared with a 27% rally in S&P500 – seems to be on its way to recovery. Since Q4 earnings release the stock has already rallied 10%, but especially this week a new wave of optimism has pushed the stock higher. There are many good news that […]

Our views on Twitter Share Price

In our Special Report (http://bsic.it/2013/10/19/bsic-special-report-twitter-ipo/), we analyzed Twitter’s characteristics, comparables and ratios. We valued Twitter shares at approximately 25$, really close to the final offering price (26$). After the IPO, Twitter’s share price dramatically soared to 45$, an unbelievable 72% surge: Analysts seem to agree with our view, and Mr. James Mackintosh, investment editor at […]

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