Crushing the competition: EQT shares surge 25% in one of the most successful private equity listings of the decade

EQT AB [STO:EQT] – Market Cap as of 04/10/2019 SEK 83.58bn (USD 8.49bn) Introduction On Tuesday, September 24th 2019, the Swedish group EQT— the second largest Private Equity group in Europe — listed on the Stockholm Nasdaq in what was the biggest Private Equity listing of the past decade and one of the most successful […]

The peak of Private Equity?

Introduction The private equity industry has always had a special place in the financial world. Its competitive and dynamic nature has captivated the most talented businessmen, but what really allowed it to grow steadily over the past 40 years was the outstanding performance it granted to the investors willing to navigate the illiquid market. We […]

Private Equity surfs the new debt wave

Private Equity Industry Overview Private equity is like home flipping, but with large corporations instead of dilapidated houses from the 1970’s. Only rather than having profits in the tens of thousands, it’s in the tens of millions. The private equity industry, pioneered in the 1970’s by the likes of KKR and Apollo, has grown to […]

Atlante Fund: Evolution of the Italian Banking crisis

Introduction The issue of the Non-Performing Loans (NPLs, from now on) has been long debated over the last few weeks and a new system has been designed with the purpose of creating a market for these troubled assets, which at the moment are still occupying the balance sheets of most Italian banks. After the agreement […]

Private equity firm Apollo braving the merger markets with its hunt on a burglar-alarm vendor ADT

Apollo Global Management; market cap as of 19/02/2016: $2.70bn ADT Corporation; market cap as of 19/02/2016: $6.59bn   Introduction US private equity firm Apollo Global Management has agreed to buy ADT, an American home-security company, paying c.$11bn for a total enterprise value in the so far biggest leverage buyout of this year. Apollo aims to […]