Trade Idea: Short EUR/USD

This week was dominated by the US and European central bankers speeches. They both confirmed their accommodative monetary policy. However the FED just confirmed its commitment to the bond buying program until the economy would have showed sign of improvement. The ECB, on the other side, decided to take really strong actions cutting rates and […]

Follow up on the Abbott trade idea

The trade idea that we recommended on Abbott is still sitting on a near-to-zero P&L because the stock has realized less volatility than we expected. While given the protective nature of the trade keeping the position open until option expiration would not lead to much risk, we still recommend to close the position due to […]

Follow up on last week’s trade idea on cointegration trading

Last week we suggested to leverage on our quant models to play out the cointegration existing between Apple and Amazon by shorting roughly 2 Amazon stocks for each Apple stock bought. The idea, which benefited from  both a fundamental and quantitative edge has returned a profit of roughly 5.5%, assuming a margin of 20% on […]

BSIC EVENT: How to turn your internship into a full-time job offer

Next Wednesday don’t miss a special presentation prepared by our senior members on “How to turn your internship into a full-time job offer”! Venue details below and in the attached: Date: Wednesday 8 May Time: 4:15pm Venue: Aula 4, Sarfatti […]

Trade Idea: play out the cointegration between Apple and Amazon

After a long ride south, investors are now given the highly debated Q1 results, which did not seem to bring enough surprise to trigger a turnaround in the stock. However, what we see is indecisive investors frenetically buying and selling the stock on expectations of a short-lived rebound, hindered by a lower prospect of revenues […]

Apple’s historic, mammoth buyback program – The largest in corporate history

Apple, Inc. Market Cap (as of 26/04/13): $391.61bn Transaction Size: $100bn over three years (program to end in late 2015) On the 23rd of April, Apple reported its quarterly earnings, with revenues on the rise YoY albeit paired with a lower net income. The results were largely in line with analysts’ estimates and beat the […]

BB Seguridade pushes Brazilian IPO market for a rebound

Banco Do Brasil Market Cap (as of April 26th 2013) : € 27.94 bn BB Seguridade Market Cap (as of April 26th 2013) : € 10.91 bn Deal size: € 3.27 bn (30% of total shares), € 3.76 bn with Greenshoe option fully exercised On April 26th it was announced that Banco Do Brazil had […]

Dish raises the stakes for Sprint: is a bidding war coming soon?

Dish Network Market Cap (as of 19/04/13): $17.68bn Sprint Nextel Corporation Market Cap (as of 19/04/13): $21.61bn Softbank Market Cap (as of 19/04/13): $52.37bn Deal size: $25.5bn ($17.3bn cash and $8.2bn stock) On Monday the 15th of April the US satellite television operator Dish Network has come forward with an unsolicited $25.5bn cash and stock […]

Thermo Fisher to pay $13.6bn for Life Technologies

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Market Cap(as of 19/04/13) : $28.7 bn Life Technologies Corp. Market Cap(as of 19/04/13): $12.6 bn Deal size: $13.6bn   On April 15th , Thermo Fisher Scientific, the second-biggest maker of life sciences equipment by market value, agreed to buy for $13.6bn  Life Technologies Corporation, a California based manufacturer of  laboratory […]

General Electric to buy Lufkin for $3.3bn

General Electric Market Cap(as of 19/04/13)  : $253.73bn Lufkin Industries Market Cap(as of 19/04/13): $2.97bn Deal size: $3.3bn, all cash General Electric Oil and Gas, a division of General Electric Corp., agreed to acquire Lufkin Industries, a manufacture of specialist pumps based in Texas, taking a further step to grow and consolidate its business through […]

Trade Idea: Long Abbott with a bear spread protection

Abbott has endured a strong rally that took out $35 level, leaving the stock set to benefit from the momentum that is being built up following the positive Q1 results.  The overall sector is becoming more popular in the screens of traders as Life Technologies Corp. it is set to be acquired by Thermo Fisher […]

Trade idea: Short CAC40

Gold’s fall coupled with worrying macroeconomic data ignited a risk-off sentiment this week, turning investors far more pessimistic. If we add the UK downgrade, usual May sell-in and the weak momentum across markets of last week, we can imagine a bearish scenario for the coming days. In particular, we believe that the France situation is […]

Trade Idea: FX update, Long USD/JPY

After having come very close to the 100 peak, this week the USD lost some ground to the JPY trading close to the 98 level. We believe that the next target is obviously the breaking out of the 100 line. On the one hand we have updates from BOJ governor Kuroda who said that the […]


BSIC is currently recruiting! See the “Join us” section for all the relevant details. Facebook event […]

Q&A on the Cyprus situation

How big is Cyprus’ economy?  GDP of €18.0bn as of 2011 (latest official figure)   Why does Cyprus need a bailout? Did Cyprus have an irresponsible/spendthrift Government? No, it is its banks that are the problem. Cyprus’ Debt/GDP ratio stood at 49% in 2008 and rose to 71% by 2011 as a result of the […]

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