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Corporate Finance Competition 2017

Do you want to push your managerial and financial skills to the limit? Here is an exciting opportunity to compete among other members of the Bocconi University in order to show them who is top dog!

The Bocconi Students Investment Club is running its yearly Corporate Finance Competition!

Get a feeling of what it means to work in M&A, convince the Board of the acquiring company to hire you as financial advisor and proceed with the acquisition you will be pitching!

The BSIC Corporate Finance competition is a great opportunity to gain valuable, applied experience in financial analysis and management.

Single applicants may be matched with other individuals in order to form a new team depending on the number of applicants. Groups can be of three people at most. Please let us know if your team’s size is out of the range and we will see to make arrangements. You are free to send us your CVs as part of your application, which we will use to select applicants in case of oversubscription.

You will be provided with a booklet containing detailed information about the acquiror, the target, and the industry. In particular, you will find a number of tools that will help you finalize the valuation of the target company. Moreover, you are expected to use the information contained in the booklet to draft an executive summary that you will then use in the afternoon to pitch your acquisition strategy in front of senior members of BSIC.

The event will take place on Saturday, April 29th, in Room B (Via Sarfatti 25, Ground floor).

You will be working on the booklet in the morning, in the room together with other teams. You will then be assigned a 20-minute slot in the afternoon during which you will have 10-15 minutes to pitch your strategy and 5-10 minutes to answer questions. The winner will be proclaimed once all teams will have presented, no later than 18:30.

Further details will be provided closer to the event.

What’s at stake

All members of the winning team will secure a number of awards:

  • Fast track for your future BSIC application. You will not have to follow the traditional application process but you will just have to sit for an interview with senior BSIC members.
  • Participation to our annual BSIC pre-internship meeting. This will give you a unique opportunity to gain valuable information on how to win an offer at the end of your internship. Indeed, useful personal insights will be shared about what it is like to work at most of the major bulge bracket banks. It’s a great chance to ask those questions you wouldn’t dare to ask HR!
  • Knowledge that you bested other top students at one of the most prestigious and competitive financial institutes in the world.
  • Eternal Glory as the memory of the winning team members will remain forever impressed on BSIC website.

Apply as a team 
Apply as an individual

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