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Hennes & Mauritz AB: A Bear in the Swedish Woods

Introduction Firstly, we briefly present H&M business. Secondly, we provide a report of recently announced Q1 2017 results. Thirdly, we perform a DCF and multiples valuation to find a target price for H&M, in line with recently announced results. Finally, we will explore a strategy to profit from our analysis. H&M: business snapshot Hennes & […]

Momentum Investing: Just Go with the Flow

In this article, we will provide an overview on momentum investing, explaining what the strategy is and how it works. We will provide historical values that shows that strategy generated positive returns in the past but also negative returns if the most recent period is observed. What is it? In the previous article (Low Volatility […]

Low Volatility Investing – Smart Beta’s Gem

There’s Nothing Smart about Smart Beta Smart Beta is anything but new: strategies developed in the 70s with the aim of outperforming the market through relatively simple quantitative analysis. It is the middle ground between passive and active investment. Due to the fact that when it comes to stock picking the guidelines are quite simple, […]

A system to profit: Banca Sistema!

The recent turmoil enduring since the beginning of the year affected in particular energy and financial sectors. Italian banks were hit by a panic sell off that shrank, and in the worst cases halved, their capitalization even though fundamental factors are strong for most of them and no rationality can be found in current market […]

Special Report: European Investment Banks – Not All Gloom and Doom

The European banking sector has been facing significant changes in the post crisis era. Regulatory headwinds, a myriad of litigation charges and the lack of a credible strategy at many institutions have seen the sector fall out of favor with equity investors. Though, admittedly, these challenges might not have been completely overcome yet, there are […]

Ferrari: too fast outside the circuit?

[edmc id= 3236]Download here the Ferrari Pitch[/edmc] After having covered the IPO of Ferrari ( in detail a couple of weeks ago, we are now trying to identify RACE’s market positioning in terms of multiples. The structure of the analysis is as follows: firstly, we plot Ferrari’s positioning against major automakers and luxury brands in terms […]

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