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Trade Idea: Short AUD/JPY

Trade Idea: Short AUD/JPY   It is well known that the BoJ is pursuing a really aggressive expansionary monetary policy that clearly is pushing down the Yen compared to other currencies. However, we see a possible reverse in the short term trend of the pair AUD/JPY. From a technical point view we saw that the […]

Follow-up on last week short trade on Blackberry

Last week we issued a sell recommendation on the Blackberry maker, after we spotted a negative pattern in the chart, supported by fundamental arguments of a darkened sales prospect. The position returned a net profit of 9%, reaching our target level. We therefore now recommend to close the trade and take profit. […]

Trade Idea: Long USD/GBP

There is a strong trend in place and we believe that it may continue in future. On the macroeconomic point the BoE is committed to a strong expansionary monetary policy and the new president claiming that inflation target may notbe the only goal of the bank with more focus on the economic output. The FED […]

Trade Idea: play the positive momentum of the EUR/USD pair

Trade Idea: play the positive momentum of the EUR/USD pair The EUR/USD exchange rate recently dropped down from a high of 1.364, reached on the 1st of February, to 1.3349. We believe that there is the space for a short term rebound of the pair up to 1.345-1.35 and maybe even up to 1.365-1.37. On […]

Trade Idea: short position on Blackberry

Trade Idea: short position on Blackberry On the wave of the release of the new OS 10, the stock began an uptrend and kept its momentum until concerns about the stability of the customer base came out last week. The stock made a lower high around the $17 level and it’s now rebounding toward what […]

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