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Trade Idea: play out the cointegration between Apple and Amazon

After a long ride south, investors are now given the highly debated Q1 results, which did not seem to bring enough surprise to trigger a turnaround in the stock. However, what we see is indecisive investors frenetically buying and selling the stock on expectations of a short-lived rebound, hindered by a lower prospect of revenues […]

Trade Idea: Long Abbott with a bear spread protection

Abbott has endured a strong rally that took out $35 level, leaving the stock set to benefit from the momentum that is being built up following the positive Q1 results.  The overall sector is becoming more popular in the screens of traders as Life Technologies Corp. it is set to be acquired by Thermo Fisher […]

Trade idea: Short CAC40

Gold’s fall coupled with worrying macroeconomic data ignited a risk-off sentiment this week, turning investors far more pessimistic. If we add the UK downgrade, usual May sell-in and the weak momentum across markets of last week, we can imagine a bearish scenario for the coming days. In particular, we believe that the France situation is […]

Trade Idea: FX update, Long USD/JPY

After having come very close to the 100 peak, this week the USD lost some ground to the JPY trading close to the 98 level. We believe that the next target is obviously the breaking out of the 100 line. On the one hand we have updates from BOJ governor Kuroda who said that the […]

Trade idea: Spread Long S&P 500 short Nikkei

We believe that in case of a strong distress the Nikkei index can suffer the most. Why not European equities? We believe that European equities have already suffered from the recent turmoil while the Japanese index has been heavily unaffected and has recently rallied dramatically, completely diverging from fundamentals whose forecasts have continuously declined recently. […]

Trade idea: Go long the Dollar

We believe that the strong fundamentals of the US economy will further push the USD that recently has underperformed its counterparties. However we believe that in the long run the currency will appreciate. We suggest two ways to take advantage of this outlook: First by selling put options on the USD/JPY strike 94.00 maturity May13 […]

Trade idea: take advantage of the low-volatility environment with a butterfly strategy

Trade idea: take advantage of the low-volatility environment with a butterfly strategy After breaking several all-time highs the US indices are now poised to move higher with less and less volatility. Good news coming from the job market and retail sales is welcome with a sudden decrease in implied volatility and low levels of realized […]

Herbalife: Hedge Fund Titans fight or does it really matter?

Herbalife LTD. is a small cap company, by every measure. It sells weight management, nutritional supplement, energy, sports & fitness products and personal care products. It was founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes, who is still the president. It has a market capitalization of $4.27bn and some growing net sales. These were $3.5bn at the […]

HSBC continues its refocusing effort

HSBC Holdings, Plc Market Cap (as of 8/03/13):  $203.55bn Newcastle Investment Corporation Market Cap (as of 8/03/13): $2.83bn On March the 5th HSBC Finance Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of HSBC Holdings Plc, agreed to sell a portfolio of unsecured and homeowner loans to Newcastle Investment Corporation and SpringLeaf Finance, Inc. in a move to […]

Trade idea: exploit the autocorrelation of all-time highs

Trade idea: exploit the autocorrelation of all-time highs The US is growing, unemployment is back to 2008 level and confidence has increased. Stocks followed through and set an all-time high. The situation we are in puts many investors out of their comfort zone. Many seek to get back into stocks, attracted by the appealing breeze […]

Trade idea: bullish setup has formed on Facebook

Technical analysis: Facebook has been out of favour for a while, following a disappointing IPO that pushed into negative territory the P&L of the new shareholders. However, during the downturn a bullish pattern has formed. The stock trajectory has created a cup-and-handle that historically predicts a surge in price. The main reason behind the pattern […]

Trade idea: Long Eurostoxx 50

Trade idea:  Long Eurostoxx 50 We believe that the current bullish sentiment can continue in the short term so we suggest to take a long position in the risky assets that have been underperforming during the recent weeks and that did not break out their recent highs. Scanning the markets we see that this description […]

Follow-up on last week’s trade idea

Follow-up on last week’s trade idea Last week we recommended to exploit the breakouts that many stocks were poised to make. A breakout is a situation where a stock is about to break highs but it’s resilient to do so as it is held back by fear. A increase in bullish volume can unlock this […]

Follow-up on last week’s trade ideas: Change our spread Long NZDJPY Short Nikkei future Mar 13

Follow-up on last week’s trade ideas: Change our spread Long NZDJPY Short Nikkei future Mar 13 With regard to the former idea of trading the spread Long NZDJPY Short Nikkei Future we have been encountered a loss of -2,51%. This was due to the high volatility of the Nikkei pushed up by market sentiment. However […]

Trade Idea: exploit bullish breakouts and buy protection with an Index short trade

Trade Idea: exploit bullish breakouts and buy protection with an Index short trade Bad news coming from Europe with the altogether disappointing outcome of our elections did not divert the uptrend of the US indices. The Dow Jones surged close to the key 14,082 resistance. As it is usually observed historically, a breakout over this […]

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