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Special Issue: Mexico Report

We are proud to publish a comprehensive report on one of the most promising emerging markets of the year: Mexico. Mexico finds itself in between two different and opposite macroeconomic forces: on one side, reduced cost of power will significantly lower the production costs of Mexican manufacturers; on the other side, it has experienced a strong […]

Monetary policy 101: inside central bankers’ mind

In the last decade, from the days of the US Credit Boom all the way to the ECB’s Quantitative Easing, Central Banks have had a controversial, yet undoubtedly crucial role in determining the fate of the wider economy and of all asset classes. Given the importance of monetary policy, is there any possible way to […]

MARKET RECAP 15/03/2015

U.S. U.S. equities experienced a negative performance during the past week. Stocks suffered sharp losses also on Friday and the main indexes registered a decline for a third week in a row, finishing what has turned out to be a turbulent five-day trading stretch. The Dow Jones industrial average fell 136 points (-0.76%) to 17,749.13, […]

MARKET RECAP 08/03/2015

US The market movers in the week just past us in the US were certainly the news on the labor market; non-farm payrolls soared past estimates at 295,000 and unemployment tumbled at 5.5 per cent. The latter figure is the upper limit of what has been previously defined by the Fed as the rate consistent […]

GREXIT: A Recap, A Trade

It has been a tough couple of weeks for the Euro area and what seemed like a major Euro breakdown turned -temporarily- into a much more stable situation this week. But let us go back in time a little, when Grexit was more likely. Up to just a couple of weeks ago, the debt burden […]

MARKET RECAP 21/02/2015

US  Big news has struck the US economy this week and in particular the ones oil-related has had a strong effect on the market. The US economy has been once again the main driver of the fall in oil prices this week as the country’s stockpiles of crude last week increased by 7.7 million to […]

MARKET RECAP 6/12/2014

US The week ended with a boom for the US economy as the November jobs report was released on Friday. 321,000 new jobs were created in the last month, well ahead of economists’ forecasts of 230,000. This piece of news puts the US economy on track to achieve the best year of jobs growth since […]

ECB: Time is running out

Inflation is down – again – to 0.3%, far away from the target of the ECB. Inflation Expectations are also down. The expected inflation in 5 years dipped last months below the threshold of 2%. This is a major issue for ECB: given its mandate to maintain price stability with inflation below but close to […]

MARKET RECAP 22/11/2014

US This week we have seen almost only positive data about US economy, which explained dollar strength with respect to all major currencies (EUR, GBP and YEN). Gains were relatively small against Euro and Pound. The substantial advance with respect to the Yen was mainly due to Yen’s weakness during the week. Data about inflation […]

MARKET RECAP 03/10/2014

US Last week’s losses were followed by some more, as the S&P 500 lost 0.75% to close at 1967.9 and the NASDAQ Composite and DJIA went down 0.81% and 0.6% respectively from their values at the end of last week. Stocks took a beating on Tuesday and Wednesday especially as the data on consumer confidence […]

MARKET RECAP 27/09/2014

US Equity markets in the US lost ground this week, ending short of the fresh highs touched in the previous one. Macroeconomic data came in mixed, as a solid manufacturing PMI and positive data on new home sales on Tuesday and Wednesday were confounded by disappointing durable goods orders and continuing jobless claims on Thursday; […]

BSIC Market Recap 20|09|2014

US US equities enjoyed significant gains in the week just past us after trading sideways for most of the summer. The S&P 500 was 1.25% above its closing value last Friday, closing now firmly above the 2,000 level at 2,010. The index clocked in its largest gains mid-week, on the back of soft inflation data […]

BSIC Market Recap 24|05|14

[edmc id=1778][/edmc] US Equities closed at record highs in the week just past us; the S&P 500 in particular closed above 1,900 for the first time, gaining 1.29 percentage points from the week’s open. Such good performance, which was also echoed by the Nasdaq Composite (which retraced some of its past losses to gain more […]

Trading on expectations: The impact of future ECB monetary policy on the market

As we write this, the EUR/USD exchange rate has fallen to $1.3713 from about ~$1.4 when Draghi first gave his speech at the regular board meeting more than a week ago. The market seems to be pricing in possible monetary easing to be announced by the ECB in June at its regular meeting. A week […]

UK housing bubble: time to cool down

The sharp increase in UK property prices-predominantly but not limited to the London area- over the last year has led many to believe such a trend has become unsustainable. According to Nationwide Building Society, Real estate prices registered an 18% annual change in London since 2013, while the average UK figure rose by 10,8% in […]

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