Are There Free Lunches? Evidence from Stock Markets

Introduction In this article, after a brief introduction to efficient market hypothesis and the very basics of technical analysis, we implement two different trading strategies based on moving averages and few oscillators on a wide set of equity indexes in various countries. The aim is to investigate whether efficient market hypothesis holds across markets of […]

Trumponomics: Regional vs. International Banking in the US

Introduction This article discusses the impact of Trumponomics (Trump’s economic program) on the valuation of regional and international banks’ stock prices. It starts by providing an overview of the US banking system, and then moves towards explaining Trump’s expansionary fiscal program and its implied effect on the valuation of regional and international banks’ stocks. Finally, […]

The Economic Aftermath of Erdogan’s Quest for Power

Over the last couple of months Turkey has been greatly divided over President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s proposal to augment the executive powers of his position. Ultimately, Erdoğan claimed victory by the slimmest of margins last Sunday as 51% of Turks stood by his side in a vote whose integrity is being questioned by many European […]

Trumponomics: Feeding the Bull Steroids

Donald Trump’s economic policies focus on three key areas; protectionism, loose fiscal policy and deregulation. In this summary report, we will give an overview of Trump’s policies before exploring the effects that they have had on financial markets. For conciseness, we will not look at Trump’s immigration policies and plans to ‘clean up Washington’. Protectionism […]

Argentina: A Land of Opportunities?

The focus of this article will be on the Argentinian government debt and potential upsides and downsides it faces. We will examine the attractiveness of their fixed income market by observing the current political situation in the country, the performance of neighbor countries as well as the global economic outlook. The New Government In November […]

EM Currency: Turning Point?

This year has been particularly good for emerging markets and there are several reasons underlying the so-called EM rally. The main one is probably the yield hunt, in which yield-hungry investors move to riskier assets in order to have some decent return in the low interest rates environment, thus boosting risky assets and compressing risk […]

Atlante Fund: Evolution of the Italian Banking crisis

Introduction The issue of the Non-Performing Loans (NPLs, from now on) has been long debated over the last few weeks and a new system has been designed with the purpose of creating a market for these troubled assets, which at the moment are still occupying the balance sheets of most Italian banks. After the agreement […]

Are you scared of inflation? Not exactly what it seems

Euro Area annual inflation was -0.2 % in February 2016, down from 0.3 % in January 2016. Looking at the main components of euro area inflation, services have the highest annual rate in February (1.0 %, compared with 1.2 % in January), followed by food, alcohol & tobacco (0.7 %, compared with 1.0 % in […]

BSIC Monetary Policy 101: Fed Hiking Path

Fed hiking path explained […]

Market Recap 03-10-2015

BSIC Weekly Market Brief United States The major benchmarks were mixed as worries over China’s waning commodity demand and the potential for new rules on drug pricing gave way to a late-week rally. Stocks fell sharply at the start of the week, reaching back toward the lows that they had established at the end of […]

Market Recap 26-09-2015

BSIC Weekly Market Brief United States Last week decision by the FED to keep the cost of money unchanged was still affecting the stock market, pushing the S&P500 down during the first part of this week. On the other hand, the yield on the 10-year Treasury Notes has floated quite a bit, closing the negotiations […]

Nasdaq, bubble and beyond

On Thursday 23rd of April 2015, the NASDAQ Composite surpassed the March 2000 dotcom bubble level of 5048.62, closing at 5056.06. On Friday it has then gained furthermore closing at 5092. Looking at the NASDAQ Composite (the market capitalization weighted index includes almost all the companies listed in the NASDAQ exchange) trend of the last […]

Teams and tactics of the Greek game

Greece has returned in the spotlight again. Since the hard left government of Alexis Tsipras took office in January, tough negotiations on structural reforms, between the new government and Greece’s international creditors, began and they are still ongoing. Fresh worries are now driven by the risk of a partial default of Greece, which desperately needs […]

Special Issue: Mexico Report

We are proud to publish a comprehensive report on one of the most promising emerging markets of the year: Mexico. Mexico finds itself in between two different and opposite macroeconomic forces: on one side, reduced cost of power will significantly lower the production costs of Mexican manufacturers; on the other side, it has experienced a strong […]

Monetary policy 101: inside central bankers’ mind

In the last decade, from the days of the US Credit Boom all the way to the ECB’s Quantitative Easing, Central Banks have had a controversial, yet undoubtedly crucial role in determining the fate of the wider economy and of all asset classes. Given the importance of monetary policy, is there any possible way to […]

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