Low Volatility Investing – Smart Beta’s Gem

There’s Nothing Smart about Smart Beta Smart Beta is anything but new: strategies developed in the 70s with the aim of outperforming the market through relatively simple quantitative analysis. It is the middle ground between passive and active investment. Due to the fact that when it comes to stock picking the guidelines are quite simple, […]

Market Recap 30-10-2016

United States Disappointing earnings from Apple and Amazon heavily weighed on the Nasdaq, falling 1.3%. Positive surprises from large companies, such as Procter & Gamble, helped to offset some disappointments in the tech sector, resulting in the S&P 500 falling 0.7%. So far, the earnings seemed solid, as this is the first quarter with positive […]

How to Manipulate the Bitcoin Market (3/3)

In the second part of the article, we saw how to spot anomalous price movements and how to profit from the divergence between futures and spot prices in the crypto market. Moreover, we showed the key indicator on which we should always be focused on. In this third part, which is the last one in […]

Disruptive Trends in Tech M&A: The Cases of Microsoft and Snapchat

Introduction Over the past years, the technology industry experienced an overwhelming volume of M&A activity. The following article aims at outlining the motivations behind this phenomenon and at identifying numerous disrupting factors. Microsoft’s acquisition of the professional social network LinkedIn, as well as Snapchat’s rebranding strategy and potential IPO in 2017 will serve as examples […]

Times are Smoking Hot! – BAT to Acquire the Remaining Stake in Reynolds for $47bn

British American Tobacco Plc. (BATS)—market cap as of 28/10/16: £87.26bn Reynolds American, Inc. (RAI)—market cap as of 28/10/16: $78.16bn Introduction On October 21, 2016, British American Tobacco (“BAT”) delivered a non-binding merger proposal to Reynolds American Inc. (“Reynolds”). Through this $47bn deal, BAT will acquire the remaining 57.8% of Reynolds’ shares it does not currently […]

Information is Power: Blockbuster Media Merger Faces Political Skepticism

AT&T Inc. (NASDAQ T:NYQ)—market cap as of 28/10/16: $224.61bn Time Warner Inc. (NASDAQ TWX:NYQ)—market cap as of 28/10/16: $68.04bn Introduction On October 22, 2016, AT&T Inc. announced the acquisition of Time Warner Inc. in a stock and cash transaction valued at $108.7bn including Time Warner’s $23.3bn Net Debt. AT&T will pay $107.50 per share to […]

The Red Metal Price: Why, How, and What Does It Entail?

Lately, prices of Copper have fallen below 50% of their peak price of 2011. Reasons are different, we will try to analyze the price-equilibrium motivations and then, look into some correlations of the red metal. As always, the variation in price is primarily driven by the relationship between supply and demand. It is paramount to […]

Market Recap 09-10-2016

United States The main news in the United States this week was the job report published on Friday which revealed that job gains of 156,000 jobs were slightly below consensus estimates of 175,000 in September. The key takeaways of the report are that the job growth is healthy even though the hiring momentum has slowed […]

How to Manipulate the Bitcoin Market (2/3)

This article is the follow up to “How to Manipulate the Bitcoin Market (1/3)”. In the second part, we want to show how the spikes in price between the end of May and the first half of June 2016 were the result of just a few investors who used huge leverage to strengthen their position. […]

The Automotive Industry Revolution

Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) – Market cap as of 6/10/16: $542.35bn Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (FCA) – Market cap as of 6/10/16: €7.55bn Apple Inc. (AAPL) – Market cap as of 6/10/16: $613.96bn Introduction The automotive industry is one of the businesses which is going to be affected the most by the technological innovations of recent […]

Janus Henderson Capital, a $320 Billion Asset Manager

Henderson Group Plc. (HGG) – Market cap as of 07/10/2016: £2.86bn ($3.55bn) Janus Capital Group Inc. (JNS) – Market cap as of 07/10/2016: $2.54bn Introduction On October 3, 2016, the two asset managers Henderson Group Plc. and Janus Capital Group Inc. announced that they will combine their assets in a $6bn merger of equals. This […]

Allergan M&A Wave

Allergan (AGN) – Market cap as of 07/10/2016: $94.6bn About Allergan Allergan plc is a diversified global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. It is considered to be a leader in “growth pharma”, after its newfound focus on branded pharmaceuticals. Since 2007 Allergan has made a number of acquisitions to enrich its portfolio and improve […]

LIBOR on the Rise: The Tale of Two Laws

The past summer has been quite hot: we saw unexpected Brexit, Turkish failed coup, the presidential campaign in the US is on the peak, and EMs are bursting out of inflows. On the backdrop of all these events, one very interesting trend may have left out of the scope of attention: the USD LIBOR has […]

How to Manipulate the Bitcoin Market – Introduction (1/3)

As of today (02-10-2016) there are 16,051,950 bitcoins out of 21 million that will ever be in circulation, priced at $604.05 each (that makes a total market capitalization around $9.7 billion). As a comparison, $9.7 billion is approximately equal to only 1.5% of Apple’s total market capitalization. During next weeks, we will publish a mini-series […]

Market Recap 02-10-2016

United States The S&P 500 rose 17.14 points, or 0.8%, to close at 2,168.27 on Friday although the index was down 0.1% in September, the Nasdaq Composite closed at 5,312.00, adding 1.7% in September. Moreover, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 0.9% but fell 0.8% for the month. Analysts have blamed weak corporate profit, along […]

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