Atlante Fund: Evolution of the Italian Banking crisis

Introduction The issue of the Non-Performing Loans (NPLs, from now on) has been long debated over the last few weeks and a new system has been designed with the purpose of creating a market for these troubled assets, which at the moment are still occupying the balance sheets of most Italian banks. After the agreement […]

When dealing with multiple stocks

In finance, a covariance matrix can be a useful tool to estimate the cross correlations between different stocks. However, historical data contains random noise, which can alter the underlying information. Here we illustrate how Random Matrix Theory can be used to filter a diagonalisable matrix and how information about the market is carried inside its eigenvectors. […]

Poland: a political throwback drives the spread higher

The 24th May 2015 marks an unprecedented change in Poland’s direction under many aspects. On that day Andrzej Duda, candidate of the Law and Justice party (PiS, abbreviation of “Prawo i Sprawiedliwość”) won the presidential elections, defeating the incumbent president Bronisław Komorowski, for the Civic Platform (PO, “Platforma Obywatelska”). Probably this doesn’t say anything to […]

Piazza Affari gets fit! The Technogym IPO

Technogym S.p.A.; market cap as of 07/05/2016: €759.600m   About Technogym Technogym is a manufacturer of equipment for sports and training based in Cesena. In 1983, the Italian entrepreneur Nerio Alessandri, founded Technogym at age of 22. Mr. Alessandri began building exercise equipment in the garage of his home. Today, Technogym is the leader in […]

A new giant to save hearts: Abbott Laboratories acquires St. Jude Medical for 25bn

Introduction Abbott agreed on Thursday, May 5th, to acquire St. Jude Medical in a cash and stock offer for c. $25bn. By combining, Abbott and St. Jude Medical will capture a larger position across the market for cardiovascular devices. This was the largest in a flurry of health-care deals announced last week including Sanofi’s $9.3bn […]

Market Recap 8-05-2016

United States After reaching its weekly high at 2075, following good news from Facebook earnings, the S&P 500 fell to a low of 2033 and finished at a mid 2053 the end of earnings’ season. The Fed Once again proved to be Dovish and incapable of raising rates which drove the dollar index to its […]

Special Report – Oil: an impossible trade

Oil has long been one of the main drivers of the worldwide economy and for this reason it is closely watched by all investors and traders. The central role of what, back in the days, was called the “Black gold” is given by its high cross asset correlation. It has the power of leading the […]

Comcast’s dreams worked: Shrek finds a new home among the Minions

DreamWorks Animation SKG, Market cap as of 29/04/2016: $3.8bn Comcast Corporation, Market cap as of 29/04/2016: $147.12bn   Introduction Last Thursday April 28, 2016, Comcast Corporation announced after quick merger talks that it would acquire DreamWorks Animation SKG for $3.8bn in an all-cash transaction. DreamWorks Animation will be folded under Comcast’s NBCUniversal in its Universal […]

Nokia is “Connecting People” again with the Withings Acquisition

Nokia Corp.; market cap as of 29/04/16: €29.746bn Introduction On April 26, Finland-based Nokia announced plans to acquire France-headquartered healthcare wearables devices manufacturer Withings S.A. in a €170m cash deal. The transaction comes as Nokia seeks to make a consumer-focused comeback, prompted by slowing sales in its network equipment business. Also, the move displays a […]

Submerged shipping companies can do nothing but merge: CMA CGM acquires NOL for $2.4bn

Neptune Orient Lines Ltd. market cap as of 29/04/2016: SGD3.346bn (c. USD2.49bn) In the light of the slump in global trade caused by the economic crisis, the once-profitable container-shipping industry has been subject to a wave of consolidation in an attempt to recover from constant losses of the last five years. In order to do […]

Is it time to short China?

Once again Soros has bet against China. This time it is with regards to its mounting debt, comparing it to a pre-crisis US in a recent interview with Bloomberg. He justified his opinion by looking at the booming credit market and growth of the inefficient state owned zombie firms. Measuring the level of debt to […]

Market Recap 1-05-2016

[edmc id= 3872]Download here the Market brief[/edmc] USA Earnings season is over and in the tech sector we observed important market reactions: the most notable one was AAPL 10% depreciation caused by its disappointing results. The hedge fund manager Karl Icahn expressed a bearish view on US stocks for the medium run and closed its […]