Straddling on the oil

Not long ago, two major oil-producing countries (Russia and Saudi Arabia) reached an agreement, according to which the stake of output of those countries was capped at January-2016 levels. The move was very unexpected, since no one had bet that the deal would be reached, thus oil prices went through serious fluctuations the same day; […]

Market Recap 13-03-2016

United States  This week the market condition improved. The S&P 500 closed 1.46% higher on Friday at 2,022, 22 points higher than on Monday. The other American indexes followed on the same path. The Dow Jones Average 30 and the Nasdaq 100 were up 1.25% and 1.34% respectively. The VIX index finished at 16.50, far below the […]

Are you scared of inflation? Not exactly what it seems

Euro Area annual inflation was -0.2 % in February 2016, down from 0.3 % in January 2016. Looking at the main components of euro area inflation, services have the highest annual rate in February (1.0 %, compared with 1.2 % in January), followed by food, alcohol & tobacco (0.7 %, compared with 1.0 % in […]

Lavazza is having some French coffee in order to awaken its full potential

Mondelez International; market cap as of 11/03/2016: $66.46bn Introduction Lavazza, the leading company in the Italian coffee market, has agreed to buy the French brand Carte Noire for €700m in order to pursue its international expansion. This deal is a result of the EU regulators’ decision according to which the previous owner of Carte Noire […]

Tumi gets zipped up in Samsonite’s tummy for $1.8bn

Samsonite Market Cap: $24.43bn (as of 12/03/2016) Tumi Market Cap: $1.83bn (as of 12/03/2016) Introduction Last week, the world’s biggest luggage company, Samsonite, zipped up a deal to acquire luxury rival Tumi for around $1.8bn.  This acquisition will be the largest one for Samsonite since its IPO in 2011. After getting the shareholder approval, the […]

On and Off LSE – Deutsche Boerse Relationship Could Result in a “Marriage of Equals”

 London Stock Exchange Group plc.; market cap as of 04/03/2016: £9.93bn ($14.13bn) Intercontinental Exchange, Inc.; market cap as of 04/03/2016: $28.41bn Deutsche Boerse AG; market cap as of 04/03/2016: €14.31bn ($15.74bn)   Introduction Last week’s rumors about a “merger of equals” between LSE and Deutsche Boerse officially put LSE “in play”. Such an event raised […]

Oaktree’s Countryside Properties finds its home on LSE, valued at £1.01bn at IPO

Oaktree Capital; market cap as of 04/03/2016: $7.33bn (£5.15bn) Countryside Properties plc.; market cap as of 04/03/2016: £ 1.01bn Introduction On 14 January, 2016, Countryside Properties plc. (Countryside), UK-based real estate developer controlled by private equity firm Oaktree Capital Management, L.P. (Oaktree),announced its intention to proceed with an initial public offering. On 12 February, 2016 […]

Atlantia S.p.A misses £2.0bn ticket for London City Airport. Canadian funds don’t.

Atlantia; Market Cap: €19.57bn (as of 4th March 2016)  The Deal  On February 2, a consortium led by Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan (OTPP) and formed by OMERS Private Markets, Alberta Investment Management and Wren House (fund of the Kuwait Investment Authority), announced the acquisition of London City Airport (LCY) for £2.0bn. The airport was put […]

Market Recap 06-03-2016

[edmc id= 3619]Download here the Weekly Market Brief[/edmc] United States Market sentiment improved this week, with major US indexes pushing higher on Super Tuesday: S&P 500 and Nasdaq surged 2.4% and 2.9% respectively, and election excitement increased risk-on appetite. S&P 500 finished at $1,999, up 2.7% on the week. Vix volalitily index came down to its […]

Using Fourier transform to detect large orders: Part 1

In the last two decades, advancements in information technology have contributed in the creation of virtual marketplaces where buyers and sellers are brought together through an electronic trading platform. Electronic trading is rapidly replacing human trading in global securities markets. Therefore, human best-execution practice has naturally evolved into automated execution algorithms. Algorithmic execution refers to […]

Tips and tricks for manipulating the market (and getting punished for it)

Market manipulation is nothing new and has been around for as long as markets have existed. Most methods rely on shifting perceptions about the marketplace, such as trade volumes, demand and supply on the order books, and other key determinants. Nevertheless, today’s increasingly complex computerized markets allow for new and innovative methods of market manipulation. […]