Pfizer/Allergan: An escape from the US IRS “monster”

Pfizer Inc.; market cap as of 27/11/2015: $202.7bn Allergan plc; market cap as of 27/11/2015: $126bn   Introduction On November 23, 2015, Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE) and Allergan plc (NYSE: AGN) announced that their boards of directors have unanimously approved a definitive merger agreement under which Pfizer will combine with Allergan in a stock transaction […]

Telecom industry “calls” for consolidation: threats and opportunities in the Italian market

We all know the strong changes that Internet has brought to our everyday lives; the way people are connected and communicate has changed dramatically over the past years. Phone calls and standard text messages are becoming less and less popular, as alternative communication services and apps like WhatsApp or Messenger take over. Customers’ demand has […]

Enel goes green in order to grow

Enel S.p.A.; Market Cap: $39.10bn (as of 27/11/2015) Enel Green Power S.p.A.; Market Cap: $9.96bn (as of 27/11/2015) Introduction Under an agreement announced in mid-November, Enel, which owns 69% of Enel Green Power (EGP), plans to reintegrate EGP back into its corporate portfolio. Enel, Italy’s largest utility provider, plans to issues €3.1 billion of shares […]

Argentina: New Prospects and Old Risks

Quick Overview Argentina is one of the largest economies of South America, with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of more than USD 540bn. It enjoys good relations with most of the countries in the region, particularly Brazil and Venezuela. The country also plays a leading role in regional policymaking as a representative of Latin America […]

China and commodities, is there any trade opportunity?

Commodities rout is one of the key themes that have characterised 2015. Further to oil and gold (which we covered last week, several basic resources, like industrial metals, have been suffering for months, but they may be affected by slightly different factors than the former. Through this article, we aim at understanding both fundamental […]

Market Recap and Brief 29-11-2015

[edmc id= 3290]Download here the Weekly Market Brief[/edmc] United States A flurry of US data came out this week. Consumer sentiment came in at 91.3 in November, below an initial reading of 93.1. New home sales rose to 10.7%, taken as positive despite coming in below consensus. Consumer spending increased 0.1% in October, below expectations of […]

Market Recap and Brief 22-11-2015

[edmc id= 3279]Download here the Weekly Market Brief[/edmc] United States Once again, the discussion around the expected Fed policy decisions in December has dominated the week in the US markets. The minutes of the Fed October meeting, released on Wednesday, hardened expectations of an interest rate hike. They also hinted at a cautious approach after that, […]

Volatility-linked strategy: a new approach

Can volatility indices provide useful signals on the “underlying” market? We tried to figure it out analysing some relations between the VIX and other indices provided by the Chicago Board Options Exchange. The VIX index, which is derived from prices of a basket of out-of-the-money options on the S&P500, represents a measure of the S&P500 […]

The future of gold: the full hedge role is at risk

Historically, correlation among different risky assets has increased during periods of financial crisis: losses in one market spread to others, thus creating “contagion”. The increased correlation phenomenon is confirmed by our previous analysis on the topic ( Furthermore, there is also the so-called “flight to quality”, meaning that investors move their allocation towards assets that […]

Starwood – Marriott: Star Marriage or a Walkaway?

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc.; Market Cap: $12.18bn (as of 19/11/2015) Marriott International Inc.; Market Cap: $ 18.64bn (as of 19/11/2015)   Introduction On November 16, Marriott International, Inc. (NASDAQ:MAR) and Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: HOT) announced that the boards of directors of both companies unanimously approved a definitive merger agreement, […]

Liberty Global Bets High on Latin America

Liberty Global plc; Market Cap: $35.46bn (as of 20/11/2015) Cable Wireless Communications; Market Cap: £3.3bn ($5.5bn) (as of 20/11/2015)   Introduction On November 16, Liberty Global plc agreed to buy Cable & Wireless Communications plc in a transaction worth $5.3bn, thus strengthening its strategic footholds in the emerging markets. The deal will imply the end […]

New Oxygen for Air Liquide: Airgas to be acquired for $13.4bn

AirLiquide; Market Cap: $39.84bn (as of 20/11/15) Airgas; Market Cap: $10.00bn (as of 20/11/15)   Introduction On November 17, the French industrial gases specialist Air Liquide announced it had reached an agreement to acquire the U.S. supplier Airgas for a total consideration of $13.4bn, including debt. The deal would create the largest industrial gases supplier. […]

Special Report: European Investment Banks – Not All Gloom and Doom

The European banking sector has been facing significant changes in the post crisis era. Regulatory headwinds, a myriad of litigation charges and the lack of a credible strategy at many institutions have seen the sector fall out of favor with equity investors. Though, admittedly, these challenges might not have been completely overcome yet, there are […]

Ferrari: too fast outside the circuit?

[edmc id= 3236]Download here the Ferrari Pitch[/edmc] After having covered the IPO of Ferrari ( in detail a couple of weeks ago, we are now trying to identify RACE’s market positioning in terms of multiples. The structure of the analysis is as follows: firstly, we plot Ferrari’s positioning against major automakers and luxury brands in terms […]

Market Recap & Weekly Brief14-11-2015

[edmc id= 3197]Download here the Weekly Market Brief[/edmc] United States The one just ended has been a pretty volatile week for the US market, with investors continuing to show some concern about the possibility of a rate hike in December in an environment of still uneven economic growth. Deteriorating growth outlooks in Asia and Europe, and […]

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