Have you ever made 67% in one year?

If you answered no to the question above, you have not probably read our article on the Italian energy market one year ago (you can find it here, it is not everything lost yet). As some of you might remember, we suggested to go long A2A, the multi-utility of Brescia and Milan. However, which factors […]

Wanna have a flawless Ferrari for $52? – Now it’s feasible

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles; Market Cap: $18.90bn (as of 29/10/2015) Ferrari; Market Cap: $9.53bn (as of 29/10/2015)   Introduction On October 21, Ferrari, a Super Luxury carmaker rated the world’s most powerful brand by Brand Finance, got to start a new life as a public company trading on NYSE, the world’s leading stock exchange. Fiat Chrysler […]

Market Recap 31-10-2015

[edmc id= 3109]Download here the Weekly Market Brief[/edmc] United States This week has been very intensive due to the large amount of macroeconomic data that have stricken the US economy. On the labour market side, the situation continues to improve. In fact, the initial jobless claim beat expectations, 260K requests against a prediction of 263K, as […]

ICE takes another bite of the data business

Intercontinental Exchange Inc; Market cap: $28.1bn (as of 31/10/15) Interactive Data Company; Market Cap: N.A.   About the deal The US exchanges operator Intercontinental Exchange Inc (ICE) announced on Monday the intention to buy financial data firm Interactive Data Corp (IDC) in a deal worth $5.2bn, which will aggressively boost ICE’s access to fixed-income pricing […]

Rite Aid – New Enlargement Pill for Walgreens

Walgreens Boots Alliance; market cap (as of 30/10/2015) $91.3bn Rite Aid; market cap (as of 30/10/2015) $8.2bn   Introduction Last week the pharma sector was shook up by a new deal: Walgreens Boots Alliance agreed to buy the smaller pharma rival Rite Aid in a transaction worth $17.2bn. The deal represents the latest move of […]

After the scandal: VW ABS opportunities

For the first time after the diesel emissions scandal, Volkswagen is putting forward a new issue of Asset backed Securities collateralized by auto lease receivables. Volkswagen Financial Services first started moving off balance sheet its lease receivables in 1996, expanding the range of securitized assets to loan receivables in 2004. Currently the VCL (lease receivables) […]

What A Dell!

DELL; Market Cap: N.A. EMC; Market Cap: $53.49bn (as of 16/10/2015) VMware; Market Cap: $28.76bn (as of 16/10/2015)   Introduction On October 12, Dell, one of the largest technological corporations in the world, agreed to acquire EMC Corporation, the world’s largest provider of data storage systems by market share. This $67bn deal is set to […]

Square IPO – Can it help sell itself?

About Square Square is a startup based out of San Francisco that provides Point-of-sale (POS) services across the world. The central premise of Square is to enable small and medium sized businesses to process card based payments at a low and transparent cost. This is achieved through utilizing mobile devices and an app based system. […]

Vivendi: A ‘TELE-novela’ of strategic transactions

Vivendi SA; Market Cap: €30.0bn as of 16/10/2015 In June 2015, Vivendi appointed Vincent Bolloré as the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Since then Vivendi has been under the spotlight as it set a different strategy focused on repositioning the group’s activity in Europe and re-entering the telecom and gaming industries. Specifically, Vivendi has […]

The new (old) high correlation

Empirical evidence suggests that correlation between asset classes tends to spike during a period of market crisis, because investors panic and sell indiscriminately. This phenomenon is usually short-lived and correlation returns to a normal level as the market stabilizes. During the 2008 financial crisis, this effect was amplified by a liquidity shock. Highly leveraged banks […]

Is Glencore Junk? Do Not Throw Its Commodities Into The Bin Yet!

When someone thinks about the mining industry, there is one name that comes to mind: Glencore (GLEN.L). The Anglo-Swiss company was founded in 1974 as Marc Rich + Co AG, before being renamed Glencore International in a management buyout. The company is specialised in producing, refinement and trading of a wide range of commodities, has […]

Market Recap 17-10-2015

[edmc id= 3009]Download here the Weekly Market Brief[/edmc] United States October still seems to be a very positive month for US equities. Some analysts pointed it out as the month for a possible rate hike, but it ended up being positive so far, even if uncertainties about the long-awaited rate hike still hold. The S&P500 is […]

The Biggest Bid: Beer – AB Inbev tries again for SABMiller

Ab InBev; Market Cap: €157.9bn ($179.8bn) as of 09/10/2015 SABMiller; Market Cap: £59.7bn ($91.54bn) as of 09/10/2015   Introduction On Wednesday October 7, Anheuser-Busch InBev announced a £65bn ($99.62) offer, or £42.15 per share, for SABMiller, which was swiftly rejected by the UK based company. It was the third bid by Ab InBev, after the […]

Blackstone snatches a “cheap” REIT opportunity

Blackstone Group LP; market cap (as of 10/10/15): $39.6bn BioMed Realty Trust Inc; market cap (as of 10/10/15): $4.8bn   The Deal in Brief On Thursday Blackstone Group LP agreed to buy landlord BioMed Realty Trust Inc, a supplier of office space to healthcare and biotech companies. This represents an important addition to the, already […]

Market Recap 10-10-2015

[edmc id= 2948]BSIC Weekly Market Brief[/edmc] United States The new positive data regarding the labour market and the speech of the FOMC regarding the recent decision of the FED not to hike interest rates have impacted US markets in the past week. For what concerns the labour side, the Initial Jobless Claims was highly relevant. […]

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