Cobham acquires Aeroflex

Cobham plc, Market Cap (as of 23/05/14): £3.3bn Aeroflex Holding Corp, Market Cap (as of 23/05/14): £532m On May 20th, 2014 the British aerospace and military contractor Cobham announced a USD920m acquisition of its New York-based rival, Aeroflex, with the goal of getting more exposure to growing commercial markets and reducing the company’s reliance on […]

Yet another multi-billion dollar acquisition in Telecom: AT&T acquires DirecTV for $48.5bn

AT&T Inc. Market Cap. (23/05/2014): $183.4bn DirecTV Market Cap. (23/05/2014): $42.3bn The US telecommunication conglomerate, AT&T, has reached an agreement to acquire one of world leading providers of digital television entertainment services, DirecTV, for a price of $48.5bn. AT&T is the US’s second largest provider of mobile telephone, leading provider of landline services and broadband […]

M&A Viagra: Pfizer-AstraZeneca and the healthcare industry

Pfizer Inc, Market Cap (as of 23/05/2014): $188.37bn AstraZeneca PLC, Market Cap (as of 23/05/2014): $91.78bn In its bid for AstraZeneca, Pfizer, the famous Viagra producer, failed to make a satisfactory offer and turned the potential biggest foreign takeover in UK corporate history into failure. It all happened on May 19 when AstraZeneca PLC Board […] IPO signals investors’ appetite for Chinese online retailers (NASDAQ:JD), China’s second largest e-commerce company after Alibaba, floated for the first time on the Nasdaq last Wednesday, raising $1.8bn. The company headquartered in Beijing, but registered in the Cayman Islands, placed 93.7m shares at $19 instead of the initial range $16-$18 per share, valuing the company at about $26bn and making founder Richard […]

Deutsche Bank: The only to act or the first?

On May 18, Deutsche Bank has announced a plan to raise € 8bn ($ 11bn) in new capital. The increase will consist of € 6.3bn in a rights issue and a further € 1.75bn from the Qatari royal family. The capital increase will be the second largest ever launched by the firm. A new Investor […]

The Importance of Being Mobile – and what internet domains tell us about it

Internet domains are an important alternative asset class in the web industry: lots of companies and investors use them for speculative reasons (a good domain name could be sold for million) or in order to avoid domain “hijacking” from competitors (although the trademark legislation covers also domain names). The valuation of domains requires some introductive […]

BSIC Market Recap 24|05|14

[edmc id=1778][/edmc] US Equities closed at record highs in the week just past us; the S&P 500 in particular closed above 1,900 for the first time, gaining 1.29 percentage points from the week’s open. Such good performance, which was also echoed by the Nasdaq Composite (which retraced some of its past losses to gain more […]

CDOs and structured finance: back to pre-crisis frenzy?

Seven years after the global financial crisis, collateralized debt obligations and mortgage backed securities are back and in good health. According to the latest data, sales of both CLOs (CDOs with loan collaterals) and CMBS (Commercial mortgage-backed securities, the pools on which CMOs are based) are expected to exceed pre-2007 levels this year, respectively with […]

Speculators’ Eyes Are Back On The Mediterranean: Will Greece Provide An Investment Opportunity to PE Funds and Hedge Fund Managers?

1. What’s Going On In Greece 1.1 Global Financial Crisis, Sovereign Debt Crisis and the Troika Greece is a country that witnessed big changes in the last years. 2008 was the year when the Global Financial Crisis exploded, changing the world for all of us. 2009 saw the burst of the sovereign debt crisis, and […]

M&A (Epic) Fail: Omnicom-Publicis $35bn Deal Collapses

Omnicom Group Inc. Market Cap (as of 16/05/14) $17.35bn Publicis Groupe SA Market Cap (as of 16/05/14): $17.28bn On 9 May, 2014 the $35bn merger of equals between the New York-based Omnicom Group Inc. and the Paris-based Publicis Groupe, the world’s second and third biggest advertising companies respectively, was called off as the challenges in […]

Deutsche Bank sells Cosmopolitan casino to Blackstone for $1.7 bn

Deutsche Bank AG Market Cap (as of 16/05/2014): $42.9bn Blackstone Group LP Market Cap (as of 16/05/2014): $32.8bn On 15th May 2014, Deutsche Bank (DB) announced that it would be selling its 100% stake in Nevada Property 1 LLC, the owner of The Cosmopolitan, a popular Las Vegas resort and casino. The sale will be […]

AerCap Holdings acquires International Lease Finance Corp. from AIG for $7.6bn

AerCap Holdings N.V. Market Cap (as of 16/05/2014): $9.61bn American International Group Market Cap (as of 16/05/2014): $75.44bn International Lease Finance Corp. Market Cap.: N/A AerCap Holdings N.V., a Netherlands-based aircraft lessor, listed on the NYSE, completed a $7.6bn deal to acquire International Lease Finance Corp., the largest aircraft leasing company by value from American […]

FCA: the price of ambition

On May 6th, Sergio Marchionne has announced an ambitious, probably unnecessarily bullish, five-year plan at the Chrysler division’s headquarters in Auburn Hills, near Detroit. Through this article, we are going to evaluate it and its impact on the stock price, from both the fundamental approach and the technical analysis methodology. The industrial plan in detail […]

Trading on expectations: The impact of future ECB monetary policy on the market

As we write this, the EUR/USD exchange rate has fallen to $1.3713 from about ~$1.4 when Draghi first gave his speech at the regular board meeting more than a week ago. The market seems to be pricing in possible monetary easing to be announced by the ECB in June at its regular meeting. A week […]

UK housing bubble: time to cool down

The sharp increase in UK property prices-predominantly but not limited to the London area- over the last year has led many to believe such a trend has become unsustainable. According to Nationwide Building Society, Real estate prices registered an 18% annual change in London since 2013, while the average UK figure rose by 10,8% in […]

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